About Visionary Mental Health

Visionary Mental Health is the culmination of more than a decade of research into the question: is there a more helpful way of perceiving mental health challenges than currently offered by modern allopathic medicine?

Visionary Mental Health (formerly known as The Shamanic View of Mental Health), presents a model for understanding mental health that involves the following principles.

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Core Principles:

– All cultures on Earth, other than modern western society, have had respect for what we currently consider to be non-ordinary or visionary states of consciousness.

– While not all humans experience these visionary states, there have always been humans who have had these experiences. Just because these experiences are not common does not mean they are not a normal part of human existence.

– Indigenous and non-western cultures have much to offer in assisting the west in overcoming the growing epidemic of mental health challenges.

– There are many from within western society who have seen that indigenous and non-western world views have value. Part of the aim of this project is to share the work of people from within western society who have maintained respect for indigenous and non-western world views, and/or come to similar conclusions to them in their work.

– Visionary states of consciousness are not madness, though they can lead to madness.

– Visionary states are less likely to lead to madness if a person is raised with cultural context, and also given support and training around these experiences.

– Much of the mental health challenge people face may actually be due to society level toxicity and disfunction being expressed on the level of the individual.

About the Founder

Jonathan Davis, Founder of Visionary Mental Health

Jonathan Davis is a writer and researcher focused on how we can bring humanity back into symbiosis with the biosphere. He is one of the founders of Somara Shamanic Medicine Forum, a conference on the responsible reintroduction of visionary medicine practices into the modern western world, and  runs an online community of around 80,000 people exploring the subject matter contained within this site.

Jonathan brings more than two decades of experience working with non-ordinary states of consciousness, and more than a decade of experience guiding others during both involuntary and voluntary visionary states. This also includes integration support as a lay-therapist, not dissimilar from respected lay-therapists such as Ann Shulgin and Christina Grof.

Jonathan Davis also has more than 20 years experience exploring the power of myth and storytelling, both working in film and television production, and as a university lecturer in media theory and practice.

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