The Bridge Between Two Worlds | Odette Nightsky

The Bridge Between Two Worlds | Odette Nightsky

The following is a short excerpt from Odette Nightsky’s book The Bridge Between Two Worlds: The Shaman’s View of Schizophrenia and Acute Sensitivity. This excerpt has been re-published with consent from the author.

Higher Guides Do:

  • Respect your integrity and facilitate your own decision-making.
  • Humbly acknowledge a force greater than them.
  • Leave you feeling loved and inspired.
  • Say that many paths lead to truth and expanded consciousness.
  • Provide concisely stated information specific to your situation.
  • Offer you counsel that challenges you and causes you to overcome personal limitations.
  • Serve those they can serve in a humble yet strong and dedicated way.
  • Have good manners, treat you respectfully and contact you in times and places that are comfortable for you.

Higher Guides Don’t:

  • Claim they know what’s best for you.
  • Arrogantly claim they are the ultimate source of wisdom.
  • Leave you feeling powerless and dependent.
  • Say that there is only one path that is their path.
  • Speak in vague spiritual cliches that have little specific content.
  • Flatter you and support you in negative emotional, mental, and physical patterns.
  • Try to create a following for themselves.
  • Have bad manners, intrude on you at awkward times, or abuse you in any way.
  • Tell you that you are the only pure soul that can save this earth.

You can find more info about Odette Nightsky at her wordpress page and her website.

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