About Us

Jonathan Davis is a writer and filmmaker with a passion for helping people navigate voluntary or involuntary non-ordinary states of consciousness.

The Shamanic View of Mental Illness on Facebook.

Jonathan has been running this group and assisting people going through mental health challenges for more than three years.
If you are experiencing mental health challenges and are seeking online peer support please don’t hesitate in joining this group of more than 20,000 people. Many of the memebers have passed through their mental health challenges and are now able to offer support and guidance to others. 

Jonathan Davis will be speaking about Mental Health Crisis at Entheogenesis Australis in December 2017, near Melbourne Australia. He has also presented on a panel discussion at the last outdoor event, and supported the most recent indoor event as one of the team recording the talks for youtube.

Somara Shamanic Medicine Forum.
Jonathan is one of the co-founders of Somara Shamanic Medicine Forum based in Byron Bay, Australia. Visit somara.org to view the programs from previous conferences and like Somara on facebook for up to date news. The next full sized Somara will take place in Febraury 2019 with smaller one-off satellite events in the interim.

Jonathan has presented ‘Psychospiritual Crisis Care’ at Somara 2016 and ‘Drinking Ayahuasca Alone: A Harm Minimisation Aproach’ at Somara 2015. He was also the moderator for panel discussions on mental health.

Integration Counselling
Jonathan has no formal qualifications.  Like Anne Shulgin or Christina Grof, he could be considered a lay therapist or shamanic practitioner.
He has more than two decades of experience working with non-ordinary states for healing and personal growth, with the past decade having been largely dedicated to more focused learning.

Jonathan now offers integration counseling for people experiencing challenges after intense voluntary non-ordinary states, as well as for people who are experiencing overwhelming involuntary states of consciousness.

First Light Community Peer Support
Jonathan was one of the founders of First Light, a local organisaton working to assist people going through spiritual emergency / psychospiritual crisis. First Light also provides the care space at Earth Frequency festival, held in South East Queensland each February.
Jonathan has taken a step back from assisting with First Light on the ground, however part of the reason for this wbesite coming into existence is that it is a source of training material for peer carers with a leaning towards shamanism, mysticism and spirituality.